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INTERACTIVE SUBTITLE IS A SYSTEM developed for the learning and practice of languages through interactive subtitles, which is accessed from our servers through our URL https://interactivesubtitle.com. The institution that hires us can from its own website through our URL, reproduce, link, generate hyperlinks, embed, frame or embed the videos and the language learning implementations that we develop.

These interactive subtitle learning implementations are SOURCE CODES, for each video a unique source code of interactive subtitle learning is generated. We offer institutions and individuals license to use these source codes for interactive subtitle learning implementations.

We have the ability with our team to perform on any video an interactive learning subtitle implementation for knowledge and practice of the language used in the audiovisual document.


Language is inevitably related to our brain, when you study a video with Interactive Subtitles, your brain forms associations and connections between: images, sounds, texts, pronunciations, writing, knowledge and emotions; this information is stored in brain cell networks (neurons and glial cells), the success of learning a second language is to provide the brain with these connections, associations and information; with interactive subtitles you achieve this goal easily and entertainingly.

It is also an ideal system to work autonomously on language learning skills such as: listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing. They are also an excellent teaching resource for classes and courses, to program activities, review progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide the student with a real instrument of practice and study to take home.

Among its most notable features are:

Authentic English: 100% native English and in real situations.

Video Contents of recognized organizations, 100% authentic English.

Interactive Subtitles: Lesson by word and lesson by subtitle.

All devices: Special for your mobile device, adaptive web design.

Subtitle Navigability: Keyboard functions focused to studying with subtitles.

Video player: Specialized for interactive subtitles.

New contents: We permanently add new challenges.

Instant dictionary: By clicking on any word.

Proof of pronunciation: By word and by subtitle.

Writing tests: By word and by subtitle.

Test for experts: Each video really tests your knowledge.

Alternate audio to the video: By word and subtitle.

Record and listen: You can download your own pronunciation and send it to your teacher.

Keyboard functions: Focus on studying with subtitles.

Subtitles in list and single subtitle.

Lesson by word
Click any word in the subtitle to access:
- Dictionary, meaning of the word (Vocabulary acquisition)
-  Audio of word (Listening)
- Pronunciation of word module (Pronunciation)
- Word writing module (Writing)
- Record and listen module (Listening)
- Contributions
You will acquire vocabulary quickly, easily and in context..

Lesson by subtitle

Click at the end of each subtitle to access:
- Alternate audio of the subtitle with phonetic alphabet (Listening)
- Translation of the subtitle
- Pronunciation of the subtitle module (Pronunciation)
- Subtitle writing module (Writing)
- Record and listen module (Listening)
- Contributions

Train your ear and pronounce complete sentences, memorize expressions and communicate correctly.


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